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Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 Academic

Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 Academic
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Your Ultimate Editing and Mastering Suite

This item is available to qualifying educational institutions and individuals. Call your Sales Engineer for more details.

Take complete control over audio editing and final mastering, with Sony's Sound Forge Pro 10! Get ready to work with a new level of speed and accuracy; Sound Forge Pro 10 is filled with cutting-edge tools to make the most out of your time. You'll enjoy event-based editing, flawless audio time stretching, integrated disc-at-once CD burning, a Mastering Effects Bundle 2 by iZotope, and more! After you've put all that effort into your tracks, you can't afford to skimp on the mastering process. Get your projects release-ready with Sony Sound Forge Pro 10!

Do the job right and improve your workflow in the process! Take advantage of the amazing time stretch and pitch shift plug-in. Choose from various stretching methods that are tailored to your source audio including Pro, Soloist, and Efficient modes. You can even monitor and adjust settings while previewing. What's more, Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 now features more efficient and powerful audio editing, via event-based editing. It's an easier way to edit edges and fades, and it's ideal for precise audio mastering, assembling sketches of a project, or to lay out tracks for authoring to disc-at-once CDs.

In addition to new iZotope Sample Rate Conversion and Dithering for outstanding sound quality, Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 includes iZotope's Sample Rate Conversion and Dithering plus their amazing Mastering Effects Bundle 2. This powerful bundle includes six professional audio plug-ins: Mastering EQ, Mastering Reverb, Multiband Compressor, Mastering Limiter, Stereo Imager, and Harmonic Exciter. Put a professional gloss on all of your projects!

Want convenience? Sound Forge Pro 10 lets you perform disc-at-once CD mastering. Generate Red Book compliant disc-at-once discs, for pro-level replication. Perform full PQ code editing, create live-style CDs, add CD text and metadata, and use high-resolution source audio with precise conversion to Red Book audio. Do it all, and do it right!

Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 Audio Editing and Mastering Suite for PC Features:

  • Integrated Disc-At-Once (DAO) CD Burning: Provides users with a more efficient workflow when assembling CD projects.
  • Event-Based Editing: Offers greater flexibility and increases editing speed and accuracy.
  • Time Stretch & Pitch Shift Plug-In: This new plug-in delivers better sounding results when time stretching audio.
  • Interactive tutorials: Gives new users and experienced pros an easy way to learn more about this software product.
  • iZotope 64-bit SRC (sample rate conversion) &MBIT+ dither (bit-depth conversion): Results in pristine audio quality when converting audio.
  • Musical Instrument File Processing: There is more editing flexibility when working with musical instrument files in Sound Forge Pro 10 software.
  • Includes Mastering Effects Bundle 2 Powered By iZotope: Mastering EQ, Mastering Reverb, Multiband Compressor, Mastering Limiter, Stereo Imager, and Harmonic Exciter - a US $300 value
  • Supports full-resolution 24-bit and 32-bit/64-bit float 192 kHz files
  • Can edit mono, stereo, and multichannel audio files (up to 32 channels) to the sample level in real time.
  • Powerful audio recording
  • Effects processing with over 40 professional studio effects and processes, including Normalize, EQ, Delay, Chorus, Volume, Dynamics, Noise Gate, Pitch Shift, Flange, and Vibrato, and more.
  • Offers Doly Digital AC-3 export
  • Features a host of spectrum analysis tools
  • Acoustic Mirror software plug-in for applying different environments to audio
  • Includes noise-reduction and audio-restoration plug-ins
  • Supports AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 video formats with synchronized audio and video frame by frame
  • Supports VST effects plug-ins
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